Turn your data silos into actionable insight

Data Insights from Crimson, a team of data and management experts with over 800 man years of expertise in line-of-business processes and IT applications, gives you rich insight into measuring business value.

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Crimson uses a proven bottom-up methodology to gather the facts together in a timely, disciplined and manageable way, that drives effective decision making across your organisation.

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Leveraging the power of Microsoft’s Cloud

Using Microsoft’s world-leading cloud platform, that features reporting and integration technologies, Crimson’ Data Insight Practice creates a common information model that can strengthen your corporate performance management and give you the actionable insight needed for sustainable profits.

Crimson’s four steps to a successful information model

There are four steps to creating an effective information model, and it works best organisations already handling larger data volumes:

STEP 1. Build the platform

First, Crimson architects a robust data platform. Choosing Microsoft’s Cloud now makes the solution more scalable, powerful and affordable than ever.

STEP 2. Create a single version of the truth

Using Microsoft’s world-class suite of tools, data from a range of disparate sources can be assimilated and cleansed into a single version of the truth.

Additionally, we help to clarify how data is interpreted across the organisation so that there is a common language.

STEP 3. Create meaning and insight – data everyone can own

Crimson not only builds corporate-level reporting dashboards but enriches the insight at a team and department level, to help drive day-to-day decisions. Going beyond popular metrics with a deeper understanding of the causes and effects between different teams and individuals to help drive more effective operational performance.

STEP 4. Embed transformative behaviour

Crimson’s training and adoption services help your team achieve the change you want, with clear lines of governance and ownership, so that continual improvement can flourish.

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Data quality: the key to profit growth and pragmatic transformation

Without pragmatic data quality measures in place, your business is likely suffering from some of these symptoms:

  • Wasted time and money working with duplicate contact records.
  • Different versions of customer data across business applications, limiting 360-degree insight.
  • Non-compliance with GDPR regulations.
  • No confidence from users to trust the data or input new data, therefore exacerbating the data quality problem.
  • Misunderstanding across the business about what specific data means.

Working with Crimson, you will have a ‘golden record’ for one version of the truth, greater business visibility that can ultimately lead to a 360-degree view, a common framework and embedded processes for the continual development of your data, and the training and education your staff need to make more informed decisions.

How Data Insights transform organisations

Crimson believes that business transformation starts with empowering your people with the insight to make smarter decisions. Popular areas Data Insights can help you with include:

Profit Optimisation

More shared accountability for driving profit.

A stronger product portfolio.

Less discounting.

Customer & Campaign Optimisation

More profitable customers and segments.

Stronger links between campaign inputs outcomes.

Contact Centre Optimisation

Proactively drive additional revenue. 

Better call management and resolution.

Supplier Performance Optimisation

Improved on-time delivery and quality control.

Claim retrospective discounts.

Supply Chain Optimisation

Cut cash-to-cash latency times and improve working capital.

Improved customer satisfaction.

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