By understanding each other, we can move forward together. While we cannot always walk in someone else's shoes, we can take the time to inquire about how the shoe fits and the terrain.

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Our responsibilty

To consistently deliver innovative and inspiring solutions for our customers and colleagues alike, we must draw upon a broad range of backgrounds, perspectives, thoughts, experiences, and expertise. Therefore at Crimson, we work hard to create a culture built on diversity, equality, and inclusion, from opening our own award-winning Apprentice Academy to introducing employee action groups and amending our parental leave policy. By encouraging conversation, learning, and taking action, we can attract and retain diverse talent to help everyone reach their full potential.

Age, belief, disability, ethnicity, gender identity, maternity status, marital status, pregnancy, religion, sex, or sexual orientation. We must do everything we can to stamp out prejudice wherever we find it and ensure that every colleague feels empowered to be themselves every day.

Our pledge

 As part of the Harvey Nash Group, we are developing more consistent global diversity, equality and inclusion practices, which are sustainable and enable all people to feel respected and valued for who they are and what they do.
We want our leaders, managers, and colleagues to understand inclusivity and permeate these values internally and externally.
That's why each member of the Harvey Nash Group will be participating in the 2021-2024 Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategy, which has the following aims.

Become a business leader and influencer to create an exceptional end-to-end experience for our current and future colleagues.

Work collaboratively with our partners to promote diversity and Inclusion in the places we deliver our services.

Improve our diversity and inclusion capability for our people and create robust and transparent processes, policies and systems across Harvey Nash Group.

Use evidenced-based insights, data and experience to progress our diversity and inclusion commitments.

Recognise the importance of allies in making the transition to a more inclusive organisation.

Paul Parker, Rexel
"My advice to women who are considering starting a career in tech is to be passionate, be confident and recognise, and embrace your uniqueness. Being a woman in a heavily male-dominated field means you are going to have a unique voice, and that is invaluable." Sabrina Bano, Junior Consultant, Crimson

Diversity and Inclusion should never be a tick box exercise, it's not a destination; it's a journey.

 How we help our customers

  • Employee value proposition development
  • Advice on how to attract and retain and diverse talent
  • Market mapping to understand talent fields
  • Partnerships with diverse job boards
  • Networking opportunities
  • Signposting to useful resources
  • Connecting you to D & I specialists.
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How we support our candidate talent

  • Interview advice
  • Networking opportunities
  • Signposting to useful resources
  • Access to communities
  • CV guidance
  • Personal branding tips
  • Job market intel.
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