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UK student number continues to rise annually

Student numbers rose to over 2.5M in 2019/2020. This has risen since 2014 when the student number cap was lifted.

High number of competing institutions

High competition makes it even harder to attract students. Experiences, benefits and results must be exceptional.

Students want to feel important to universities

With thousands, or even tens of thousands of students, how can universities maintain the personal aspects of attraction?

Inefficient ways to gather rich contact data

Out-dated CRM systems and marketing tools make data collection and analysis time consuming.

Dynamics 365 Marketing makes personalisation seamless

Personalising the attraction process is more than just adding contact fields to emails. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing gathers rich contact data, and continues to build the image of the customer by tracking and analysing behaviour. Emails, landing pages, videos and more can be personalised by age, degree subject, interests and behaviour to ensure all communication is relevant to the student.

The higher education industry is becoming increasingly more competitive, and universities must stand out during the attraction process. Put your prospective students at the centre, without wasting time.

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