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Affordable housing lowest since 2017-2018

Affordable housing made up 79% of housing starts in 2020, which has decreased by 32% from 2019

Higher demand due to economic uncertainty

Furlough, redundancy and general economic uncertainty has lead to an increase in demand for affordable housing

Data is stored in local drives that lack collaboration

Lack of remote access, poor collaboration and a higher chance of human error due to local spreadsheets

Data analysis is inefficient and time consuming

Multiple sources of data take time to collate and spreadsheets don’t produce dashboards

Transform your sales process with Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 not only simplifies processes, workflows, and enquiries, but also consumes data from external sources thanks to integration opportunities – helping to synergise data.

Using one system from development to sale shortens lead time, as it is easy to understand when a property is available or when an enquiry would be a good match. By choosing to be pro-active rather than reactive, operations become automated and streamlined. While centralising data on a common platform means that information can be consumed by multiple sources efficiently.

It’s more important than ever to match the right people to the right properties. An efficient and productive housing association can support the fringes of the community with a streamlined home sales process.

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