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Project Crimson People

Putting customers at the centre of what we do is paramount to Crimson’s success story. As a thriving digital transformation consultancy that serves the needs of discerning organisations, hiring managers and IT candidates alike, Crimson operates at the critical intersection of talent and technology.

Across Crimson’s boutique IT recruitment services and specialist Microsoft consulting expertise, our colleagues’ driven work ethic and Crimson’s vibrant culture create the perfect ingredients to unleash talents and transform business.

In today’s busy, fractured world, Crimson believes that it is in the service of others that we can each find personal well-being. Our vision is to empower others to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Our philosophy was laid by Crimson’s founders at the turn of the millennium, and it remains tightly woven into all that we do: the company we keep, the charities we support, the opportunities we create for our colleagues and the initiatives we prioritise. We happen to realise our vision through our passion for recruitment and the limitless possibilities we see in Microsoft technology.

Crimson commits to Microsoft’s Partner Pledge that supports diversity, ethical standards, apprenticeships and a more equitable digital future.

Iain Crimson People

Team Crimson People

To breathe life into our vision, we follow a mission that seeks two objectives:

  • Make technology recruitment simple. We aim to make hiring great IT talent or finding that next IT role as straightforward as possible for all parties.
  • Rapidly solve the biggest business and technology challenges. Getting more from the Microsoft platform, we build intelligent customer experiences and help people work smarter.

Crimson is part of Nash Squared, the leading global talent and technology solutions provider that supports our mission and shares our values

  • Entrepreneurial

    We are courageous, we challenge ideas, we pursue excellence in all we do. We are ambitious, we are innovators and we are change agents.

  • Open

    We are consistently honest, open and straightforward. By doing so we remove barriers and focus on the right outcomes.

  • Human

    We trust, respect and care for one another and those around us. It is our ability to connect and to understand the value each person brings that makes us special.

  • Hungry

    We constantly strive to identify opportunities, deliver outstanding results and inspire others.

  • Collaborative

    We believe in the power of working together. We listen and evolve together by utilising our expertise to produce exceptional outcomes.

Rob Mallaband

Rob Mallaband
Managing Director

One of Crimson’s founders, passionate about helping customers and supporting employee growth. Rob chairs Boldmere St Michaels FC.

Natalie Moreton

Natalie Moreton
Finance Director

Ensures Crimson can afford to fulfil its mission. Natalie loves her rugby and a sweaty indie gig.

Louise Clarke

Louise Clarke
Recruitment Director

Leads Crimson’s recruitment business, supporting her team to deliver a great service. Louise loves a crisp glass of Chardonnay after a week well done.

Tom Cadman

Tom Cadman
Director of Cloud Services

Crimson’s technology visionary and master at helping customers take an entrepreneurial approach to their IT programmes. Tom loves a round of golf.

Angela Doyle

Angela Doyle
Head of People & Culture

Ensures everyone has what they need for a happy and successful career at Crimson. Angela loves revisiting the beauty of her native Scotland.

Cat Halstead

Cat Halstead
Change & Transformation Director

Ensures Crimson’s business model remains scalable for a growing customer base. Cat loves a family caravan adventure.

Nathan Smith

Nathan Smith
Sales Director

Passionate about helping customers achieve incredible things with Crimson’s Microsoft consulting services. Nathan’s a lifelong Liverpool FC supporter.

Mark Britton

Mark Britton
Marketing Director

Ensures Crimson’s extraordinary story is shared far and wide with those who need to hear it. Mark’s a keen musician.

Dave Thomas

David Thomas
Delivery Director

Brings customer dreams to life, on budget, on time. David loves his cricket.

David Catmur-Lloyd

David Catmur-Lloyd
Consultancy Director

Shapes customer technology and business strategies, creating customer ‘eureka’ moments. David is often found playing the guitar at his local pub.

At Crimson, we hold each other to high standards.

Our Customer Pledge reminds us of the behaviour we expect so that we can deliver the fantastic results we share in our case studies.

  • Inspire through innovation.
  • Challenge and be challenged.
  • One team, proactive communication.
  • Easy to do business with.
  • Nurture respectful relationships.
  • Put customer interests at our heart.
  • Anticipate customer needs.
  • Be accountable and transparent.
  • Become a trusted advisor.
  • Remain empathic and curious.

Regular surveys and check-ins with customers assess how we’re doing against the Pledge.

Becky - Crimson People

Our history.

History Milestone

Crimson wins the Innovation in Higher Education award for its work with University of Salford’s student recruitment solution.

History Milestone

Crimson celebrates its 20th Anniversary. The IT recruitment team launch’s its Executive Search practice. Continued success in specific industries as Crimson works with its 14th university.

History Milestone

Crimson achieves the milestone of 100 employees, as Crimson Academy wins national and regional awards. Crimson’s data proposition is launched.

History Milestone

Crimson formally launch their apprenticeship scheme, Crimson Academy, and are appointed partners to BT.

History Milestone

Time to invest in new markets. Crimson launch their 3-year plan to scale up the Solutions business focusing on new service lines and market sectors. Crimson’s IT recruitment team invests in the FinTech market.

History Milestone

Crimson was acquired by Harvey Nash Group PLC.

History Milestone

Crimson was awarded a contract to build a new £1bn revenue business; built on Microsoft Cloud technologies. The company was also appointed strategic partner to Microsoft (MCS). Due to the growth in revenue and employees, the company relocated to its current HQ at Birmingham Business Park.

History Milestone

Mercury xRM Limited was founded. Louise Clarke, Crimson’s Head of Recruitment, reached 100 contractors for the first time.

History Milestone

Crimson IT recruitment open their London office in New Broad Street and developed the Microsoft technology practice. Crimson was appointed to the Partner Advisory Council (PAC); 1 of 28 partners globally.

History Milestone

Crimson attended first Microsoft WPC in LA and planned to adopt the Microsoft Partner model.

History Milestone

Crimson developed a Cloud Product called Mercury xRM and took it to market. A software platform for PSNC was also developed  to support non-preventative health services to all UK pharmacies.

History Milestone

The strategic decision was made to wholly focus on Microsoft, which included a CRM practice built from scratch, which made £1.2m in its first year.

History Milestone

Crimson Systems Limited was absorbed into Crimson Limited post credit crunch.

History Milestone

Crimson Foundation launched the Breakthrough program as part of it’s Corporate Social Responsibility, which was taken into a number of schools.

History Milestone

Crimson support Enabling Applications for RS Components as they awaited the launch of SAP. Kieran Toon was recruited soon after to support SharePoint, which was our first Microsoft business Solution. During this year’s Crimson Ball, the Crimson Oscars awards were introduced.

History Milestone

This year marked the start of Crimson’s Microsoft journey, when Crimson Systems Limited was incorporated into Crimson Limited and the company became a Microsoft *ISV Gold Partner. On the IT recruitment side of the business, a 17-year-old Chris O’Brien joined the company as an administrator, and is now one of Crimson’s top recruiters.

History Milestone

First year attending the IT Directors Forum – we have attended this every year since! Tom Cadman joined in January to run a £4.2m programme with a team based in India; largest .NET project in Europe at this time.

History Milestone

The first Crimson Ball took place at Hoar Cross Hall. Judith Wilson, Crimson’s longest serving employee joined the team.

History Milestone

Rob and Simon were joined by Mike Ames and Joanna Hawkins, resulting in four people working in Rob’s garage. This lead to a new office at The Courtyard, on Coleshill’s High Street. The current domain www.crimson.co.uk was purchased. Crimson won an ‘agency management’ deal with gedas UK (VWG).

History Milestone

In Spring 2001, Software Academy Limited became Crimson Limited, and on the 1st of May 2001 Crimson officially launched in co-founder Rob Mallaband’s garage. John Pooler was Crimson’s first contract placement, who was placed with Sirius Financial Services in Sutton Coldfield. The initial domain www.crimson.ws was bought.

History Milestone

Crimson’s life began as Software Academy Limited in 2000. Crimson founder Simon Chave was contracted via Modis Limited into TNT as a freelance contractor.

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