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Phoenix Community Housing Secure Leverage Microsoft Azure to Secure Photo Archive and Remain GDPR Compliant

Phoenix Community Housing Microsoft Azure Partner


Phoenix Community Housing owns and manages over 6000 homes in South London and is starting to build new homes in the area. As a not-for-profit resident-led housing association, Phoenix Community Housing is a member of PlaceShapers, a national alliance of over 100 housing associations that are community-led.

The Problem

Phoenix Community Housing had built up a collection of images that were spread over multiple drives and folders. With over 900,000 images, Phoenix Community Housing were looking to improve their GDPR compliance process, which includes identifying which images contain faces and people. After identification, the images can be classified and stored in a suitable place; this is an incredibly time- consuming task to do monthly and manually. Phoenix Community Housing wanted to streamline the process to save time and improve the efficiency of doing this, with thousands of images created monthly.

The Solution

To solve these problems, Crimson built an application that scanned and identified image files, which would then send the images to Azure Cognitive Services to analyse the subject of the image. If the analysis identified that there was a person/face in the image, the file and location was recorded in a CSV file, allowing them to manage the files and ensure they remain GDPR compliant.

As Phoenix Community Housing now uses SharePoint, a second version of the application was built to support the same process for a SharePoint list.

The Outcome

Following successful identification and scanning of all Phoenix Community Housing’s images, they can now quickly and efficiently recognise which images contain an identifiable face, and where the file is stored. By automating the process, Phoenix Community Housing has saved time which enables them to focus on other tasks while ensuring the files continue to meet GDPR compliance regulations.

“The Crimson team demonstrated great knowledge and experience of the technology, and developed a really effective solution for us. Thank you to Crimson for their responsiveness, expertise and technical support.”

– Mike Wooderson, Business Analyst at Phoenix Community Housing.