Crimson Academy: Our 2019 cohort reflect on the first year of their apprenticeship

Mark Britton News

In September 2019, we welcomed a fresh group of eight apprentices to our Dynamics 365 team. The team settled into their roles quickly, which includes a mix of academic and practical learning, and soon became much-loved team members.
The cohort was only six months into their apprenticeship when Covid-19 turned everyone’s lives upside-down. The apprentices had to learn how to work remotely efficiently, alongside a large percentage of the general population. Although their Crimson experience has been shaped by lockdown and social distancing, our apprentices have adapted and excelled.
As we prepare to welcome ten more apprentices to our Academy this September, we’ve invited some of our 2019 cohort to reflect on their somewhat turbulent first year at Crimson.

“Reflecting on my time at Crimson, from my first day to today, I can see how much I have grown and progressed as an individual. I began as a graduate, thinking that I had maxed out my learning at university and all I needed was to then fit nicely into a good company. Well, I got the ‘good company’ part right; however, the real message I picked up is that learning never really stops – especially at somewhere like Crimson, where innovation is a core value.
Another thing I would like to highlight is how much you can achieve while working at Crimson. I absolutely LOVE adding exam certificates to my LinkedIn profile and building up my achievements. I understand that these will stay with me forever. Even if you do not get it right the first time, there is a “no shame, no blame” culture at Crimson and you are encouraged to retake no matter the price tag of the exam. The company really home in on what you feel like you need to succeed.
If I could go back in time and give myself any advice before my start day last year, 11th September 2019, I would say: don’t be afraid to break things or get things wrong because that is how you grow.” – Megan Casey

“Joining the Academy has been a fantastic experience. Everybody at Crimson has been very welcoming and made me feel a part of the team from day one. The knowledge I have picked up from my colleagues is valuable, and I’m looking forward to many more years within the company.” – Alex Booth

“My first year at Crimson has exceeded expectations – I have learnt endless skills and been able to pick up three qualifications all in 12 months! I have also gone from minor involvement in projects to working full time on projects alongside senior consultants, where I interact with customers daily. Throughout the year, I have been able to learn lots around real-life topics through the Knowledge Academy, which has covered essential life skills such as financial awareness. On top of that, I have been able to build great relationships with various colleagues throughout the company. I have been made to feel welcome and feel part of the crimson ‘family’. ” – Ben Curley

“This time last year, I started as a school leaver, not knowing much about IT, so I was quite anxious and also nervous about working in an office with people of different ages and backgrounds. Over the course of my apprenticeship, I’ve improved both my IT skills and my soft skills – which are often forgotten about when training in industry. From personality tests to presentation techniques, we’ve all grown in confidence from these tasks. At Crimson, there’s no such thing as a silly question, so I feel comfortable asking anything, and everyone is there to help. I’m so excited to meet the 2020 cohort and be part of their Crimson journey, as my journey so far has been incredible.” – Nikita Odedra

With our 2020 Academy cohort bringing our employee count over 100, we are even more excited to see what they will all bring to the team when they start on the 7th September.

If you’re interested in joining our Academy, you can find out more here. Applications for the 2021 cohort open in the Spring.