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Crimson welcomes industry luminary Ian Bobbett as Chief Data Officer

Crimson News Ian Bobbett

Crimson, the vanguard in leveraging Microsoft technologies for transformative business solutions, is thrilled to announce the high-profile appointment of Ian Bobbett as its new Chief Data Officer (CDO). Ian, an industry veteran with an impressive track record, fortifies Crimson’s commitment to guiding customers through their intricate data journeys, delivering intelligent customer experiences and empowering employees to new heights. 

A Game-Changer in the Data Realm 

Data is the linchpin of modern business, and Ian’s arrival marks a significant upgrade to Crimson’s already robust offerings. Renowned for his expertise in data-driven strategies and predictive analytics, Ian is a change-maker in the data industry. His laser focus opens up exciting avenues for how data can be optimally used to achieve business objectives. 

Ian’s Wealth of Experience and Expertise 

Ian Bobbett’s credentials are nothing short of remarkable. A passionate data evangelist, he has helped customers maximise value from emerging data trends across a career spanning 25 years. His unique perspective on data’s transformative role has been shaped by years of front-line experience working globally in sectors as diverse as retail, financial services, media, and politics. He not only understands that data is the ‘new oil’ but has the skills to refine it into actionable insights. 

Enhancing the Crimson Offering 

With Ian in the fold, Crimson is set to escalate its core mission of transforming businesses using Microsoft technologies. His depth of knowledge broadens Crimson’s capacity for real-time solutions that focus on intelligent customer interactions and employee productivity. Ian’s vision complements Crimson’s ethos of empowerment and innovation, providing a strategic edge in the competitive business landscape. 

The Future is Bright and Data-Driven 

As businesses grapple with accelerated and sophisticated disruptions, Ian’s well-rounded insights into the promises and challenges of data position him as an invaluable navigator. His experience covers not just the technical aspects but also crucial areas of data security and privacy, equipping Crimson and its customers to harness the enormous potential of data responsibly. 

“Passion and a relentless pursuit of excellence in the data domain energise me. That’s exactly what I intend to contribute to Crimson and its esteemed customers,” Ian stated. 

Q&A with Ian Bobbett, Crimson’s New Chief Data Officer: Elevating Data Journeys 

Q: Welcome, Ian! What motivated you to join Crimson as the Chief Data Officer? 

Ian Bobbett: I’m thrilled to be here. There are several reasons. Firstly, Crimson’s culture and team truly resonate with me. Secondly, I’m optimistic about Crimson’s partnership with Microsoft, particularly as they venture into advanced areas like machine learning and AI. Lastly, my unique skill set aligns perfectly with Crimson’s focus sectors like higher education, homebuilders, and housing associations. I see them as rich in data but with scope to do even more and build competitive advantage. 

Q: Can you briefly touch on your background in data analytics? 

Ian Bobbett: Absolutely. I started off in New Zealand in market research and eventually moved to the UK to focus on database analytics. For about a decade, I’ve worked with brands like Debenhams and Aviva. I then co-founded Realise Unlimited, a data analytics consultancy that saw huge successes across multiple sectors. 

Q: What’s your philosophy on data science? 

Ian Bobbett: My approach revolves around three pillars: commercial viability, real-world activation, and human-centric design. I believe it’s crucial to ‘think’ before we ‘build’.  It’s very difficult for a data scientist immersed in the technical delivery of a project to keep an eye on the overall objectives and ensure that the outcomes are accessible and value-add. Winning the hearts of minds of the people using the outputs of data science is critical to success. 

Q: What are your immediate plans at Crimson? 

Ian Bobbett: The initial focus is on evaluating existing capabilities and aligning them with the needs of customers, staff, and the company. I aim to address any capability gaps that may exist and then to move the practice forward based on tailored customer needs. 

Q: You bring 25 years of experience in data. How does this expertise benefit Crimson’s customers? 

Ian Bobbett: My experience allows me to guide customers at all stages of their data journey. I stress the importance of five pillars—systems, data, skills, processes, and knowledge. My aim is to show that data is an asset that provides value and peace of mind when used correctly. 

Q: Can you share a breakthrough case from your past work? 

Working with a leading broadcaster, we used demographic data to build predictive models for targeted advertising. This added over £10 million to their bottom line in the first year. This approach was revolutionary and was adopted by other broadcasters worldwide. 

Q: Lastly, what’s your final message to Crimson’s customers? 

Ian Bobbett: Embrace data. No matter where you are in your data journey, we have the expertise to take you further. The potential of data is enormous, and it’s crucial to adopt and adapt to it strategically. I’m here to help you do just that. 

Ian’s insights paint a compelling picture of Crimson’s upcoming data journey. With his experience and vision, customers can look forward to a transformative experience that optimises data use and provides unparalleled value.