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Crimson’s Tribute to Career Changers During National Apprenticeship Week

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National Apprenticeship Week is a week-long celebration that brings together businesses and apprentices across the country to shine a light on the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses, and the wider economy.  

Crimson’s multiple award-winning IT apprenticeship programme is at the heart of its strategic growth plan, and the entire business has a vested interest in the success of Crimson’s apprentices.  

The fourth cohort of IT apprenticeships at Crimson will open later this year, welcoming applications from individuals with diverse backgrounds, including school leavers, graduates, and those making a career change to pursue a tech-oriented path. 

Aside from administering its IT apprenticeship program, Crimson has further empowered its current employees by offering support for their career advancement through apprenticeships in various fields like Sales and Recruitment.  

To mark National Apprenticeship Week, taking place from February 5th to 11th, Crimson will highlight the experiences of its employees who opted to change careers via an apprenticeship. The initiative aims to showcase that apprenticeships are not exclusive to school leavers. While transitioning to a new career may seem daunting, apprenticeships can open the doors to a career you love. Often, seemingly unrelated jobs can hold transferable skills that might go unnoticed. 

Jo Griffiths, Crimson’s People Development Manager, shares her apprenticeship journey. 

Q: Hi Jo, how did you come to join Crimson, and can you tell us about your role? 

Jo Griffiths: I was in the apprenticeship sector for many years, predominantly in Sales and Account Management for apprenticeship training providers. I joined Crimson as a People Development Manager just over two years ago. I support Crimson’s apprentices and learning and development initiatives across the whole organisation.  

Q: Why did you choose to complete an apprenticeship programme? 

Jo Griffiths: After completing my probationary period, I explored opportunities for personal and professional development. Given that certain aspects of the role were unfamiliar, I wanted to enhance my skills. Consequently, I opted for the Level 5 Learning and Development Consultant Business Partner Apprenticeship, which incorporates a CIPD Level 5 qualification. 

Q: How has completing your apprenticeship benefited you? 

Jo Griffiths:I’ve gained fresh knowledge, skills, and behaviours whilst learning to apply my existing skills to my new role. Participating in group sessions with peers has facilitated the exchange of experience, broadening my understanding and giving me unique insight. I’ve been introduced to current trends and developments in the sector, equipping me with the tools to locate credible sources of information for independent and continuous learning. It’s given me a pathway to growth and learning throughout my career. 

Q: What support have you received during your apprenticeship? 

Jo Griffiths: Crimson has been instrumental in providing me with this amazing opportunity. Angela Doyle, Crimson’s Head of People and Culture, has been readily available to assist me in completing the work and applying the learning.  

The team at cHRysos, my training provider, has played a crucial role in guiding me through this journey, making a significant difference, especially during challenging periods in my life outside of work. 

Q:What would you say to someone who wants to change careers and doesn’t know where to start? 

Jo Griffiths: Avoid limiting yourself; focus on your strengths and what brings you joy. Explore a variety of transferable skills, ranging from communication to empathy. Don’t assume that lack of experience will hinder your success. 

Take the time to research available apprenticeships, keeping in mind that they are not exclusive to young individuals. Apprenticeships offer the opportunity to earn while learning, potentially leading to a transformative impact on your life. Conduct thorough research and seek insights from individuals who have completed apprenticeships to make informed decisions. 

Q:How about if you want to stay in the same field but would like to enhance your knowledge? 

Jo Griffiths: Investigate if there is an apprenticeship program aligned with the skills you aim to acquire. Opting for an apprenticeship not only provides you with valuable skills but also results in a recognised qualification that can propel your career forward.  

Many employers allocate funds for training, and there may be funding opportunities available for them. Initiate an open and honest conversation with your employer to explore the possibility of their support for your personal development through an apprenticeship. 

To discover firsthand accounts of how Crimson team members navigated career changes through apprenticeships, stay connected with us on LinkedIn. Please read our daily posts from February 5th to 11th for insightful stories and experiences.