Turn your data silos into actionable insight

Data Insight solutions from Crimson give business leaders a vision for success, plus a practical and pragmatic roadmap to get there. Working with Crimson, data-driven decision-making achieves better outcomes across your key performance areas of customer attraction and retention.

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Why choose Crimson's Data Insight solutions approach?

A more people-centric approach leads to better outcomes

Becoming a data-driven organisation is first about winning the hearts and minds of people.  Crimson’s blend of change management and user experience expertise keeps your project on track.

The confidence to move forward

Your data project will successfully gain momentum when your organisation gains confidence from witnessing regular quick wins. Crimson’s proven iterative approach  delivers value at your pace.

Gain ownership over your journey

Your teams will be empowered with mindset and skillset so that data management best practice becomes embedded into your organisation.

How to get started today with becoming a data-driven organisation

Crimson’s Data Insight solutions team are ready to help kick-start your ascent, with stepped consultancy-led engagements. At each stage we guide you on how to get the data, support you in providing data in the right format, and help you navigate legal and ethical challenges presented with you how you can leverage data safely.

STEP 1. Explore the possibilities, build your roadmap

Your journey starts with a free workshop for up to half a day that scopes out what success with data looks like for your organisation, and to identify potential solution complexities. An optional further three days dives deeper into one of your organisation’s key performance areas, where we explore potential for value creation.

STEP 2. Review your data and architecture, build reports you can trust

We begin with a data audit and architectural review to determine the health and scope of data and reports you currently have that make up your digital fingerprint. Once any gaps have been filled we’ll begin building your first data insights solution, to include reporting built upon high quality data that your team can trust.

STEP 3. Build richer and broader data sets

You will begin to interrogate more data sets to provide a more rounded view of the key performance area. We will explore further what the data is telling us and go deeper into how the data is being collected, smoothing out any inconsistencies across processes. Our teams will seek to quash any embedded biases that could undermine reporting accuracy.

STEP 4. Reach for predictive and prescriptive analytics

Now your teams will begin to accurately forecast future scenarios. We can guide you towards the power of machine learning, where cloud computing begins to identify patterns in your data and suggest a corrective course of action. This step is for forward-thinking organisations that seek wisdom from their data.

What can you expect from your data insight solutions project?

Every project is different, but working with Crimson, and its focus on intelligent customer experiences, business process automation and data insights can lead to a significant shift in how your organisation can attract, engage and maintain loyal customers, and drive greater profitability.

Data-fuelled customer intelligence

Unlock and use your data to anticipate your customer needs and create unforgettable experiences that keep customers coming back for more.

A 360-degree customer view

Knowing your customer means truly understanding their needs and wants. Deliver a personalised experience across every touch point in the customer journey to build long-term customer loyalty, using automation to free your people to focus on higher value interactions.

Omni-channel customer engagement

Online, social, phone, email or chat… give your customers a seamlessly consistent service experience at a time and place that suits them. Use data to optimise your most profitable engagements

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