Transform Customer Interactions and Generate Insights With an Omnichannel Digital Contact Centre

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UK housing sector professionals face significant challenges in customer communication, needing to integrate various methods like phone, email, and social media smoothly. Adhering to data privacy rules and organising customer information is crucial, alongside providing quick, resource-efficient service.

Key to their success is building strong customer relationships, ensuring each interaction from start to resolution is personalised and effective. They require tools for effective decision-making and data management while facilitating online customer self-service for enquiries and complaints. Ultimately, a cost-effective system that streamlines communication, ensures compliance, and supports intelligent decision-making is essential.

The digital contact centre solution for housing sector professionals

Introducing Crimson’s Digital Contact Centre solution: a revolutionary cloud-based platform designed to transform how housing sector professionals connect with customers. Powered by Microsoft Omnichannel for Customer Service, this solution is a part of Dynamics 365 Customer Service Enterprise.

  • Communication Channel Integration

    Integrate various communication channels like live chat, SMS, voice calls, and social media into a single interface.

  • Agent Productivity Tools

    Tools like contextual customer identification, real-time notifications, routing, and AI-powered features boost agent efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Supervisor Insights and Analytics

    Supervisor features offer real-time and historical data on agent performance and channel utilisation.

  • Automated Live Chat Efficiency

    Automated BOT functionality for chat handling and knowledge base
    integration offers around-the-clock customer support and reduces manual workload.

  • Data Management and Security

    Secure handling of customer data and compliance with GDPR data protection regulations ensures privacy and builds trust.

  • Comprehensive Customer Engagement

    The solution’s ability to engage customers across different channels, enhanced by AI-based suggestions, provides a deeper understanding  customer needs.

Transforming customer service in housing

Elevate customer experience, improve operational performance, and drive revenue growth.

We know that we were faced with an incredibly tight timeframe for this initial phase release and looking back I can see how much we have achieved together in such a short time, I am incredibly proud of what we have been able to do and therefore wanted to thank the Crimson team for all their hard work.

David Slade
Head of Digital Marketing, Peabody Group

The Crimson team demonstrated great knowledge and experience of the technology, and developed a really effective solution for us. Thank you to Crimson for their responsiveness, expertise and technical support.

Mike Wooderson
Business Analyst, Phoenix Community Housing.

Crimson have been exceptional in delivering the Dynamics 365 solution for us which is improving our day-to-day efficiencies. Despite the pandemic the solution has been successfully implemented remotely and plays a pivotal role in us serving our customers.

Robert Bloom
Robert Bloom
Director of Sales & Ownership, Accent Housing

We are delighted that the project has successfully gone live on time and on budget. The Crimson team have been exceptional and have set an ‘above and beyond’ standard from the outset. Our Exec team and end-users are encouraged and excited by this first milestone phase and we’re looking forward to delivering a ‘best-in-class’ solution in the future phases, to help Avant Homes achieve its Business Growth objectives.

Peter Adams
Chief Information Officer, Avant Homes