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In the dynamic world of higher education, institutions are constantly navigating challenges that span from attracting students to engaging alumni.

These challenges necessitate a comprehensive, adaptable solution that not only meets the unique demands of the sector but also enhances operational efficiency and engagement across all crucial processes. This is where Microsoft Dynamics 365, tailored by Crimson for the higher education sector, comes into play.

This bespoke adaptation harnesses the robust sales and marketing modules of Dynamics 365, fine-tuned to support the varied needs of universities and colleges.

It provides a full suite of features designed to streamline processes, foster deep relationships, and drive success throughout the entire educational journey, all while prioritising the delivery of superior student experiences.

Crimson is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Solutions Partner that works with universities across the student lifecycle, as well as in research and commercial areas of the business.

Wherever higher education CRM is needed, Crimson can help accelerate its success with proven accelerators that reduce risk and shorten the implementation time.

  • Student Attraction

    Personalised Marketing Campaigns: Employ Dynamics 365’s marketing automation to create personalised communication strategies that resonate with potential students, enhancing your institution’s attractiveness.

    Social Engagement Insights: Harness analytics to understand and engage with prospective students on social media, extending your institution’s outreach and appeal.

  • Student Recruitment

    Unified Applicant View: Gain a comprehensive view of each applicant, including interactions, preferences, and status, to tailor your recruitment efforts effectively.

    Automated Follow-ups: Implement automated workflows for timely follow-ups with prospective students, boosting engagement and conversion rates.

  • Student Admissions

    Streamlined Application Processing: Automate and streamline the admissions process, from application receipt to decision, ensuring a seamless experience for applicants and staff alike.

    Admission Analytics: Leverage data analytics to uncover trends in applications and success rates, facilitating informed decision-making.

  • Student Wellbeing

    Student Support Services: Centralise the management of student support needs, including mental health and counselling services, ensuring students’ wellbeing is prioritised.

    Engagement and Satisfaction Tracking: Monitor and analyse student engagement and satisfaction through integrated surveys and feedback mechanisms.

  • University Research

    Research Project Management: Utilise Dynamics 365 to manage and track research projects, from funding and resource allocation to publication and impact assessment.

    Collaboration Tools: Enhance collaboration among researchers, students, and external partners with integrated communication tools, promoting innovative research outcomes.

  • Alumni Engagement

    Alumni Relationship Management: Cultivate and maintain lifelong relationships with alumni through targeted communication and engagement strategies.

    Event Management: Seamlessly organise and manage alumni events, fostering a strong and engaged alumni network.

  • Corporate Engagement

    Partnership Management: Efficiently manage corporate partnerships and sponsorships, opening avenues for collaborative opportunities.

    Career Services: Facilitate connections between students and corporate partners for internships and job placements, enriching students’ educational and career prospects.

Higher Education

Crimson’s adaptation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the higher education sector is a transformative solution for managing the intricate ecosystem of a university.

Incorporating sales and marketing modules specifically tailored for higher education’s diverse needs, this solution not only simplifies administrative tasks but also significantly enriches the student experience.

It empowers universities to navigate the complexities of higher education, from student attraction and wellbeing to research and alumni engagement, all while maintaining a focus on delivering superior student experiences.

Dynamics 365 provides the essential tools for universities to adapt to the evolving educational landscape, forge meaningful connections, and advance into the future of higher education with confidence.

Crimson has brought a combination of practical advice and a broader perspective that is supporting our goal of offering a sector-leading experience.

John McCarthy
John McCarthy
Executive Director of Marketing, University of Salford

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