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UK universities encounter formidable challenges in managing student admissions—balancing complex immigration policies, maintaining academic integrity, and adapting to fluctuating enrolment numbers influenced by external factors such as Brexit and global pandemics.

Amidst these complexities, Crimson’s Student Admissions software solution, powered by Microsoft technologies, provides a transformative approach to streamline the entire admissions process. This solution reduces the workload for admissions teams and enhances communication and data management across various university departments.

  • Self-Serve Portals

    Prospective students enjoy a centralised hub for course selection and document uploads, enriched with real-time updates.

    Agent portals customise applicant tracking, boosting efficiency and personalising the admission process.

  • Application Management

    Simplified one-click registration attracts more applicants.

    Customised application processes cater specifically to diverse student types.

    Integrated UCAS and CAS systems with automated sorting accelerate decision-making.

    Financial aspects, including fees and bursaries, are efficiently managed within the system, easing financial planning.

  • Offer & Interview Coordination

    AI-driven interview scheduling avoids conflicts, smoothing the process for both staff and candidates.

    Automated notifications on decisions keep applicants informed and engaged throughout the process.

    Streamlined onboarding processes facilitate accommodation applications and other necessary arrangements.

  • International Agent Collaboration

    Comprehensive relationship management tools provide a consolidated view of all agent interactions.

    Efficient commission tracking reduces errors and saves time in managing international collaborations.

  • Omni-Channel Communication

    A centralised communication system ensures responsiveness and consistency across all channels.

    Customisable message journeys enhance engagement with applicants through tailored communications.

    The integrated marketing platform optimises outreach, tracking engagement metrics like open rates and click-throughs.

    Round-the-clock support via Power Virtual Agents enhances the applicant experience, providing immediate assistance when needed.

We focused on agile delivery and were able to stand up some of the deliverables within six months of starting to work with Crimson

Colin Campbell
Dr. Colin Campbell
Academic Registrar, Newcastle University

Crimson has brought a combination of practical advice and a broader perspective that is supporting our goal of offering a sector-leading experience.

John McCarthy
John McCarthy
Executive Director of Marketing, University of Salford

Crimson’s expertise shines through in everything that they do. Not only do they understand our business but they understand the technology so well. It’s a game-changer for us in terms of how we are able to manage incredibly important relationships with agents that they expect in a highly competitive environment.

Clare McKeague
Clare McKeague
Senior International Operations Manager, Newcastle University

Choosing your student admissions software provider

Working with Crimson gains you access to a proven admissions solution delivered with a rigorous methodology.

Team Crimson People
  1. Proven Solution

    Trusted by progressive UK institutions, Crimson’s solution utilises the robust framework of Microsoft’s technologies to deliver reliable and effective admissions processes.


  2. Solution Accelerators

    With pre-configured components, Crimson accelerates the deployment of admissions systems, significantly reducing the risks associated with new technology adoption.

  3. Seamless and Scalable Integrations

    Integrating seamlessly with Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and other Microsoft tools, the solution ensures a unified operation that can grow with your institution’s needs.

  4. AI-Powered Efficiency

    Leveraging Microsoft’s AI services, the system performs integrity checks and streamlines operations, allowing admissions staff to concentrate on student engagement and support.

  5. Ongoing Enhancements

    Continuous investments by Microsoft in their platforms guarantee cutting-edge updates that keep your admissions processes at the forefront of technological advancements.

  6. Extensible and Comprehensive Solution

    Crimson is committed to creating an all-encompassing student journey from application through to alumni engagement, providing a holistic view of the student lifecycle.

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