How long is the apprenticeship?
Level 4 takes 12-18 months, depending on how long you take to collate the required evidence for your Level 4 portfolio. You then have the option of moving onto Levels 5/6 and completing a degree apprenticeship, which takes a further 2 years to complete.

When is the closing date for applications?
Applications open every year in April, and close at the end of May.

If I am unsuccessful, can I reapply?
Yes, you can.

What happens after I have accepted my offer?
If you are successful and you accept your offer, you will then sign contracts and receive your Crimson welcome pack ready for when the apprenticeship starts in September.

Do I receive feedback on my performance at each stage?
Yes, if unsuccessful we will provide reasons why. Constructive feedback will help improve yourself and increase employability in the future.

Am I guaranteed a job at the end of the programme?
Successful candidates will initially be offered a fixed term contact. On successful completion of the Level 4 Apprentices and providing you meet all of the first-year objectives you will be offered a permanent role at Crimson as a Junior Microsoft Consultant.

What help will you give me to get started on the programme?
The apprenticeship includes a comprehensive onboarding schedule to introduce the new cohort to both Crimson and Digital Native. All apprentices are each assigned a mentor, a buddy and a coach, and will be introduced to each business area to understand how Crimson works.

I have a learning difficulty, what will Crimson and Digital Native do to support this?
Contact us for more specific information, however we offer support and can tailor the scheme to your needs.

What is the age limit?
Applicants must be minimum age 18 years old in the first year of the apprenticeship, but there is not a maximum age for the apprenticeship. Our current cohort consists of some apprentices in their 20’s and 30’s.

Do you accept people coming from a level 3 apprenticeship?
Yes, but they would be subject to the interview process like other applicants.

I already have a degree; can I still apply?
Yes, you can. Visit the Apprenticeship Scheme page for more information for those who already have a degree.

What are the minimum requirements?
5 GCSE’s (A-C), and you must be minimum age 18 years in the first year of the apprenticeship.

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