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Newcastle University and Crimson enter Strategic Partnership for pioneering digital transformation 

Newcastle University

Newcastle, UK –Newcastle University has officially selected Crimson as its strategic partner for digital transformation, heralding a new era of innovation and excellence in digital engagement. This collaboration underscores the University’s commitment to the Digital Engagement Programme (DEP), a comprehensive initiative to elevate the student experience and streamline service delivery through advanced digital solutions. 

A Vision for the Future 

This strategic alliance will harness the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Azure to create an integrated, enterprise-wide CRM ecosystem across the University. Initial projects, such as the highly successful Business Development and Enterprise (B2B) solution and the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) platform, have laid a solid foundation for this transformative journey. 

Dr. Colin Campbell, Registrar at Newcastle University, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are thrilled to continue and deepen our relationship with Crimson. This partnership will help deliver our vision of a seamless, inclusive, and engaging digital environment for our students and partners.” 

Mark Britton, Marketing Director at Crimson, added: “Working with Newcastle University represents a fantastic opportunity to drive real change and improvement through technology. We are committed to delivering a transformative digital experience that aligns with the University’s strategic ambitions and enhances the student journey.” 

The partnership, initiated through a comprehensive selection process, has been forged based on mutual respect, shared values, and a proven track record of success. As a testament to this synergy, the engagement is already underway, with an anticipated span of four years and potential extensions, reflecting both parties’ commitment to long-term success and continuous improvement. 

A Comprehensive Approach to Digital Engagement 

Under the DEP, Newcastle University aims to revolutionise the student journey from enrolment to alumni engagement, ensuring data integrity, security, and a unified user experience. This ambitious programme includes significant projects like the Student Information Portal, aimed at enhancing student interactions and backend integrations, thus improving the student journey and operational efficiency. 

Susan Folwell, Programme Delivery Lead at Newcastle University, shared her insights: “Our collaboration with Crimson represents a strategic leap towards achieving our digital aspirations. Their expertise and innovative solutions have already brought significant improvements, and we are excited about the future developments this partnership will bring.” 

Evolving Solutions for an Evolving World 

This partnership is characterised by its dynamic, agile approach, ensuring that the University’s digital solutions can adapt to changing needs and opportunities. By blending external expertise with internal strengths, the initiative aims to enhance the University’s digital capabilities, making them more robust, scalable, and aligned with future goals. 

The focus is on delivering current projects and ensuring that the University’s IT team is upskilled and empowered to manage and evolve these solutions independently, ensuring sustainable progress and innovation.