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UK IT Salary Survey 2024

Download Crimson’s IT Salary Survey 2024, explore the IT jobs market, and benchmark salaries, and charge rates for a variety of IT roles.

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Nash Squared Digital Leadership Report 2023

Read the report to discover what’s keeping tech leaders awake at night. From IT budgets, to Cyber Security, and AI advances; benchmark your organisation today.

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Nash Squared: the state of digital

Five leaders from the tech world give us their take on the key challenges facing tech teams; digital transformation, the talent challenge, cyber security, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability.

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Successfully onboarding your new hire

Did you know up to 20 percent of employee turnover happens in the first 45 days? In today’s candidate-driven market, it’s essential to master the art of onboarding. Learn more in Crimson’s guide.

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How to write effective job adverts

Whether you are working with a recruitment partner or hiring directly you can boost the performance of your adverts, reduce your time-to-hire, and win the hearts and minds of job seekers with our advert tips.

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How to create a stand-out CV in the field of IT

Set yourself apart from other candidates with our helpful guide.

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UK IT Salary Survey 2017

How to Ace a Video Interview

Video interviews are more common than ever before. From pre-recorded questions to live interviews. Find out how to navigate a video interview in our free guide.

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UK IT Salary Survey 2017

20 Ways to Get Noticed on LinkedIn In 2020

This document highlights new features on LinkedIn and makes recommendations
for those already familiar with the basics of LinkedIn.

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Interview Advice For Contract Candidates

Interview Advice For Contract Candidates

Maximise your chances of winning lucrative fixed-term opportunities.

Interview Advice For Permanent Candidates

Interview Advice For Permanent Candidates

Use this guide to increase your chances of getting your dream job.