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Uniting your people, processes and technology.

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Your business no doubt recognises opportunities to transform how you compete, and deliver superior customer experiences using digital technologies.

It's a rapidly changing world, but the digital story for many midsize and larger organisations is of frustration, failed projects, disjointed shadow IT and security risks. Meanwhile, nimbler entrants innovate and capture market share.

Crimson's business transformation consultancy breaks the cycle of failure. We unite your people, processes, and technology to leap the digital hurdle, helping you build a competitive advantage and solve the tough business problems.

Transformation consultants driving change in all the right places

Crimson focuses on the areas of your business where the Microsoft platform has the most significant impact. We help you deploy quicker and use agile techniques that give you the confidence to move forward swiftly with your IT projects. Of course, we do the same with your broader business transformation programme.

Business transformation consultancy outline

A. Continuous digital innovation

We work with you to embed our skills and knowledge so you capitalise on Microsoft’s platform investment and prove its return on investment.

B. Intelligent Customer Experiences

We support you in delivering an enterprise-wide customer relationship management strategy so that excellent customer experience and the resulting data sit at the heart of your organisation and its decision-making.

C. Business Process Optimisation

From process automation, app integrations, self-serve portals, chatbots and simple one-task mobile apps, Crimson supports you in cutting errors and costs. We help you digitise repetitive, time-intensive tasks so your team can move up the value chain.

D. Actionable Data Insights

Data, data everywhere, but not a drop to drink. Crimson helps you clarify, cleanse and connect your data silos to unlock the insights, make smarter decisions and lay the groundwork for the power of machine learning.

How to embed continuous digital transformation - so you control your future

In the brave new world of digital, not only is every company a technology company, they are also a product company: your products are the apps you deploy to digitise your business. Yet few have the skills and ways of working to keep pace with innovations from software vendors and the ideas inside your company.

Crimson has the experience, tools and talent to help you pivot; ultimately, you become the sole owners and enablers of your continuous digital transformation programme.

Business transformation self sufficiency
Professional Services

What team, skills, recruitment strategy, stakeholders, governance and structure do you need to support success and stay ahead? How do you evaluate the technology and estimate the return on investment in a business transformation programme? Crimson is your sherpa along the path towards self-sufficiency.

Solution Architecture

How does all this technology fit together, and what's the roadmap? Crimson’s solution architecture expertise helps you join the dots and provide the vision to begin turning ideas into value.

Build a Centre of Excellence

How do we build a robust implementation factory? Paragon is Crimson’s set of services and application lifecycle management tools to help you securely manage and oversee the conveyor belt of ideas through to app deployment project and, finally, retirement.

Microsoft: the go-to, proven platform for Crimson’s business transformation consultants

Software is arguably the easiest part of the digital transformation equation. But for successful business transformation, Crimson chooses Microsoft because of its unparalleled investment in low-code/no-code technologies, a secure and stable cloud platform, and popular training resources that help people skill up.

Microsoft business transformation software plafform

Common Microsoft products to drive your digital transformation

Crimson works across the business application Microsoft stack, working with you to optimise your licensing strategy. Our Microsoft Certified consultants configure, enhance and integrate all of the following cloud business applications:

We never forget that business transformation is also people transformation

Uniquely capable of driving your success, Crimson operates at the intersection of people and technology. Crimson provides both market intelligence and services around attracting, shaping and retaining talent as part of a global network of IT recruitment brands.

We can provide you with permanent and contract IT staff you might need to support your goals. And through our Nash Squared group, we have access to offshore services in Vietnam that can flex to meet your needs.

Business transformation meeting

Meet some of Crimson's senior business transformation consultants

Successful, transformational change needs leaders with a rare mix of business acumen, strategic thinking, people skills and digital domain knowledge. This combined skillset helps your organisation break down barriers across the business and unleash new opportunities to work and exchange value with your customers.

Tom Business Transformation Consultant

Crimson's Head of Cloud Services, a technology visionary and innovator, Tom has 30+ years' global digital transformation experience, working with multiple household names. Tom passionately advocates that IT should be used to deliver true business objectives and add real value.

David Business Transformation Consultant

Crimson's Head of Consultancy, David has 25+ years' experience working comfortably across sales, marketing, customer services and field services. David's a digital evangelist who believes in a low code/no code approach to accelerate time-to-value.

Ollie Business Transformation Consultant

One of our team of Principal Consultants, Ollie has 15 years' experience working across technologies, delivering support, advice and transformative solutions. Ollie specialises in what it takes to maximise your return on your Microsoft investment.

Martin  Business Transformation Consultant

The senior member of one of our team of Solutions Consultants, Martin has 25+ years’ experience and helps organisations understand what can be achieved through innovative uses of Microsoft’s solution stack.

Mark Business Transformation Consultant

Crimson's Head of Data, Mark’s deep technical knowledge coupled with his business acumen spanning 25+ years makes him a valuable and valued team member.

Crimson's Business Transformation Consultancy Team

A UK-based team of Crimson employees support each business transformation consultant; a highly-motivated group of qualified Microsoft Principal and Functional consultants, complemented by a project management operations team that carefully manages agreed deliverables.

Examples of successful transformation from Crimson clients

Taylor Wimpey Homebuilder Transformation

Taylor Wimpey wanted to make fundamental changes to how it managed the home buying experience and became a trailblazer for digital transformation in the homebuilder sector. Working with Crimson, the leading homebuilder digitised the buying experience, reducing costs in buying process while boosting brand loyalty to now give them unparalleled competitive advantages.

University of Salford Higher Education Transformation

University of Salford has enjoyed a successful digital transformation of its student journey by implementing an enterprise-wide customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Breaking the cycle of failed CRM implementations and consolidating multiple disconnected CRM systems, the university worked with Crimson to build and shape their team to own the Microsoft platform and make continual progress with digitising the entire student journey.

Platform Housing Group Social Housing Transformation

Platform Housing Group is consolidating housing management platforms following a merger. They are working with Crimson to deliver a single version of the truth about customers, automate transactions, and drive operational efficiencies with asset management.

Robert Bloom - Transformation Case Study
 "We have a fantastic working relationship with Crimson. They understand our processes and leverage their experience with the Housing and Homebuilder sectors to make us think differently." 
Robert Bloom, Director of Sales & Ownership, Accent Housing
John McCarthy - Transformation Case Study
"Crimson have brought a combination of practical advice and a broader perspective that is supporting our goal of offering a sector-leading experience." 
John McCarthy, Executive Director of Marketing, Recruitment and External Relations, at the University of Salford
Nash Squared

The strength and depth you need along the change journey 

Crimson is part of Nash Squared, the leading global provider of talent and technology solutions. Crimson has the bandwidth to meet your ambitions while remaining an independent, agile partner. Our outlook also enables us to help you meet your talent needs.


Wherever you are in your transformation journey, Crimson can help you go further. Book your free discovery call to discuss your needs and to learn more about what Crimson is achieving for organisations across the UK.

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