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The Low-Risk Route to Digital Transformation for Housing Associations

Working with Crimson, your housing association can realise the potential of your investment in Microsoft’s low-code/no-code platform to transform your organisation and discover new ways to deliver digital services. At a time of the cost-of-living crisis, in a post-Grenfell world, Crimson unlocks new opportunities to reduce costs and enhance resident services.

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Build intelligent resident experiences for exceptional support and streamlined property sales

Get ready to gain a 360-degree view of customers with a single, future-proof platform. Gain a single version of the truth and ensure all residents have their enquiries managed efficiently – across multiple communication channels.

With Crimson, your housing association can leverage Microsoft’s platform to personalise content, manage assets, plus schedule and resource maintenance.

And with Crimson’s experience of the homebuilder sector, we can support housing associations with a world-class platform for managing housing sales.

Increase Client Lifetime Value
Increase Client Lifetime Value

Automate processes along every step of the resident journey

Now’s the time to put an end to labour-intensive manual processes

Working with Crimson you can automate and accelerate enquiries, using artificial intelligence to manage cases and prioritise the most at-risk residents vulnerable to rent arrears.

And while your team can personally handle more challenging enquiries, let Crimson support you with building virtual assistant chatbots to automatically handle more common enquiries.

Gain insight into your data to drive better decision making

Data is everywhere in and outside your housing association – let’s use it to supercharge your strategy.

Working with Crimson you can connect data and build dashboards to identify at-risk residents, predict rent arrears and identify at-risk residents.

And Crimson’s data gurus can help you decipher hidden trends in your data, as well as pinpoint the top few actions that have the biggest swing on your customer satisfaction scores.

Increase Client Lifetime Value

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"We have a fantastic working relationship with Crimson. They understand our processes and leverage their experience with the Housing and Homebuilder sectors to make us think differently."

Robert Bloom, Director of Sales & Ownership

Accent Housing Association

"The design and configuration progress so far has been exciting to see and even in times of uncertainty and disruption, the collaboration between Crimson and our team has been excellent."

Jon Cocker, Chief Information Officer

Platform Housing Group

Leverage the Power of Microsoft

Crimson’s ready-made Housing Association solution accelerators and structured consulting workshops cut through previous project deadlock to help fast-track implementations. As a long-established Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in your sector, we help you use Microsoft tools as building blocks to digitally transform your organisation.

Microsoft Platform

The unique Crimson difference that gets your university results

Win the hearts and minds of colleagues

Combining Microsoft's technology platform with Crimson's four service streams is where social housing leaders can deliver transformational results.

Accelerate the time to realise value

Crimson's Housing Association Accelerator ensures your team sees results sooner so that you can move your programme forward with confidence.

Helping you become self-sufficient

CrimsonParagon is a service designed to support you develop your teams to manage the continuous improvement of your digital platform.

People-centric approach

Crimson's collaborative approach and change management expertise makes sure that you get the right people involved to deliver on projects.

Nash Squared

Draw on greater strength and depth

Crimson is part of Nash Squared, the leading global provider of talent and technology solutions. Crimson has the bandwidth to meet your ambitions while remaining an independent, agile partner. Our outlook also enables us to help you meet your talent needs.


Wherever you are in your transformation journey, Crimson can help you go further with student experience, business process automation and data insights. Book your free discovery call to discuss your needs and to learn more about what Crimson is achieving for housing associations across the UK.

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