Crimson provides Microsoft Dynamics 365 to higher education institutions to transform the student attraction process. Personalised journey automation can be used to gather rich data for prospective students, which can be used to segment, target, and attract quality students.

Build an emotional connection

Create meaningful interaction from the first engagement with mass customisation. Address student concerns and make students feel at home straight away, whether they are living in student accommodation, commuting or remote learners.

Manage Legacy Applications
Integrate Disparate IT

Send the right message to each potential student

Dynamic content in emails, landing pages and webforms is quick and easy in Dynamics 365. Different images, text or links can be used to cater to different segments, providing unique one-to-one communications.

Create a single version of the truth

Microsoft Dynamics 365 gathers student information from event registrations, webform completions, and virtual assistants to build a full picture of each prospective student. This improves segmentation and the effectiveness of future engagements.

Develop a Custom IT Solution
CRM as a Platform

Deliver exceptional experiences

Demonstrate the quality of your institution from the first engagement, until the last. Personalisation makes universities stand out from competitors, while putting the prospective student experience first.

"Crimson have brought a combination of practical advice that has supported the successful implementation of the Dynamics solution as well as a broader perspective that is supporting our goal of offering a sector leading experience."

John McCarthy, Executive Director of Marketing, Recruitment & External Relations, University of Salford

Crimson unites people, processes and technology to solve higher education’s toughest business problems. We specialise in particular around intelligent customer experiences, business process optimisation and actionable data insights.

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