Crimson provides intelligent data solutions to higher education institutions to identify at risk students. Ethical data modelling allows universities to improve attrition rates through student support and prevention.

Proactive prediction and prevention

Demographic, psychographic, behavioural, and academic data creates detailed simulations of a university. Effective prediction allows universities to take preventative methods to reduce attrition.

Manage Legacy Applications
Integrate Disparate IT

Collective understanding of the university as a whole

Universities can build, measure, and test hypotheses within a simulated environment. This allows universities to ask, ‘what if?’, and then view a simulated outcome, building a detailed picture of the university.

Ethical student profiling

Eradicate ethical issues with data simulators that mimic a set of students, instead of using real-life data. Real situations are emulated ethically in controlled environments, whilst also cutting through human bias.

CRM as a Platform
Develop a Custom IT Solution

Avoid mistakes in a testing environment

Data can be incredibly costly, so a testing environment can avoid any major mistakes. From testing marketing activity to testing preventative methods, Crimson’s university data simulator saves both time and money.

"Crimson has demonstrated excellent ability to build rapport with University of Strathclyde. This has helped with achieving buy-in and enthusiasm within our teams.”

Kevin McGuire, Business Systems Manager, University of Strathclyde

Crimson unites people, processes and technology to solve higher education’s toughest business problems. We specialise in particular around intelligent customer experiences, business process optimisation and actionable data insights.

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