A proven framework and actionable insights to manage the complete student journey, increase student satisfaction and drive more efficient support services. Crimson’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 (CRM) Higher Education solution is designed to centralise and streamline information and add more value to every step of the student journey; from initial enquiry through to postgraduate alumni relations.

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Multi-Channel Student Recruitment

Crimson’s Dynamics 365 HE solution manages and tracks all activities related to attracting students and communicating with them. The solution works across multiple channels including Social, Web, In Person, and Events. Teams can manage nurturing programmes, and prioritise enquiries through behavioural scoring.
Highly personalised campaign management and execution are handled through the solution, with performance mapped against each stage of the journey: attract, nurture and recruit. Interaction with students along the journey can also include chatbots.


Streamlined Student Welfare

Give your support services the tools to deliver a streamlined and more responsive service. Omi-channel case management capabilities span Social, Email, Phone, Web and In Person. Your teams can track and manage cases (pastoral care) centrally through to completion, with a ‘customer-centric’ view that focuses on improving the student experience. A single source of student information (historical and current), plus integrated activity management provides a true 360-degree perspective view of each student.

Increase Client Lifetime Value

Business-to-Business Account Management

The Dynamics 365 HE solution gives you the ability to track and manage relationships with external organisations that the university collaborates with to support students’ career prospects and professional development.


Unlock Institutional Knowledge

Create portals, wikis, blogs and knowledge base articles to be able to share and collaborate more efficiently. User role management ensures information is limited to only those that are authorised to view or edit the shared content.

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Power Of The Cloud 

Crimson prioritises Microsoft Cloud technologies. The enormous economies of scale, flexibility, and world-class security enable higher education institutions to access power and performance only previously available to the most significant global enterprises.

Configuration Not Customisation 

Low code/no-code is Crimson’s mantra. We recognise that every organisation is different, but aim to minimise changes to standard Microsoft tools. Our approach reduces expensive development costs, cuts the need for bespoke training and makes future upgrades more straightforward. Additionally, Crimson has developed accelerators that rapidly configure standard Microsoft software to get closer to the way your organisation is likely to work.

Rapid-Prototyping, Bite-Sized Projects

The world is littered with well-meaning, big bang IT projects that went badly wrong. Crimson is determined not to add to that statistic. With one eye on the strategic direction you want to take, Crimson takes the minimum viable product approach. Using interactive sessions with users and business leaders, we build rapid prototypes that can be used to test its real-world impact. Our proven method lowers risk, gets the buy-in from end users and gives the business the confidence to move forward.

Gain a 360-degree view of the institute

Innovative higher education institutes are seeking new ways to leverage data to optimise the student experience, make data-driven decisions and ensure lean, efficient support services.

Crimson’s Data Insights practice is familiar with measuring value, with over 800 staff years of expertise in line-of-business processes and IT applications.

Using Microsoft’s world-leading cloud platform, featuring reporting and system integration technologies, Crimson creates for you a common information model that can strengthen your performance management and give you the actionable insight needed to make better decisions. Going beyond the usual metrics, the Data Insights team can help you answer and act on all the critical numbers in your organisation.

Crimson can help build reports and dashboards, with reporting tools pre-built into the Dynamics 365 solution, as well as enhanced tools for even more in-depth insight.

Together with Microsoft, Crimson imagines a world coming soon where predictive analytics will help you reach students whose behaviour likely indicates early signs that they will drop out. Additionally, we envisage a world where university apps can provide helpful suggestions for students to improve their predicted grade. With Data Insights you can begin to build strong