Crimson provides Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform solutions to housing associations to transform customer satisfaction and internal operational efficiency. Integrating data sources effectively offers a choice of channel, while avoiding data silos.

Combine social media conversations

Orlo integrates with Dynamics 365, bringing together all digital conversations into one inbox. This means customers can take their pick of a selection of channels, without any extra effort from the customer care team.

Manage Legacy Applications
Integrate Disparate IT

Maintain consistent messages

Agent Scripts streamlines customer engagement by providing a set response to customer queries. By maintaining accurate, company-approved responses, customer care is more efficient and effective.

Resolve customer issues quickly

Contact centre agents can respond to customer via Dynamics 365, phone, email, live chat and more. By integrating internal contact centre operations, customers have a quicker and more accurate response.

CRM as a Platform
Develop a Custom IT Solution

Keep tenants connected through portals

The portal can stay with tenants for their whole journey, which improves overall satisfaction. Bookings and requests are quicker and easier to make, and the centralised system keeps tenants informed.

"The design and configuration progress so far has been exciting to see and even in times of uncertainty and disruption, the collaboration between Crimson and our team has been excellent ..."Jon Cocker, Chief Information Officer, Platform Housing Group
Crimson unites people, processes and technology to solve housing association’s toughest business problems. We specialise in particular around intelligent customer experiences, business process optimisation and actionable data insights.

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