Crimson joins the list of Recruitment’s 40 Best Companies to work for 2021

Mark Britton News

For a second year running, Crimson has won awards for its great employee satisfaction. Placing at number 71 on the list of the top 100 Best Companies to work for in the Midlands, Crimson has maintained its two-star employee satisfaction rating. However, this year Crimson was also named on the national list of the top 40 recruitment companies to work for, thanks to great leadership and personal growth opportunities.

Just 14 months ago, Crimson announced the company had made the list of 75 Best Companies to work for in the Midlands, with a score of 694.1. The celebration was just one week before the UK went into its first national lockdown, and so much has changed since. More people than every worked from home, and companies across the UK were closed with employees put on furlough, putting focus on the importance of employee wellbeing and mental health support. Many companies, including Crimson, organised virtual catch ups, games, and quizzes to keep engagement levels high, and Crimson has sent an array of gifts to employees to remind them they are still valued. Due to these changes, Crimson maintained its regional award, as well as making the national recruitment industry list.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Crimson has kept the workplace culture alive. The ‘Spring out of lockdown’ charity challenge has encouraged exercise, mindfulness, and teamwork, while raising money for The Cancer Support Centre Sutton Coldfield and Centrepoint.

Over the past year, Crimson also welcoming its biggest Academy cohort yet; consisting of ten school leavers, graduates, and job changers. Despite a remote onboarding, the apprentices have settled into the Crimson team, and are flourishing in their departments. Just a few months away, in September 2021, Crimson will be welcoming another set of apprentices to the team.

Thanks to the 2020 Crimson Academy cohort, Crimson reached the milestone of 100 employees. Paired with the epic 20th anniversary achievement, Crimson has ensured that the COVID-19 lockdown included as many positive moments as possible for the Crimson team.