Digital Transformation Must Stretch Beyond Technology, Urges Expert

Mark Britton News

CIOs considering embarking on their digitisation journey are being urged to consider the ways in which they attract and retain talent if they are to be successful

That’s the message from specialist IT solutions provider Crimson, following the publication of the latest CIO tech priorities insight report from Gartner, which found that while many CIOs recognise the role of a comprehensive digital strategy within their business, the single biggest factor preventing businesses achieving their digital objectives is the ongoing skills shortage.

The emergence of digitisation has fast gained traction within a number of industries, including logistics and distribution, with CIOs predicting digital revenues to grow from 16% to 37% this year alone. With such an opportunity now presenting itself to businesses, Crimson is calling on business leaders to embrace a digital transformation strategy that goes beyond technology, encompassing an effective talent strategy to ensure they aren’t caught out.

Rob Mallaband, Managing Director at Crimson commented on the importance of adopting a talent strategy in order to leverage digital opportunities. He said: “While many businesses are now beginning to embark on their digitisation journey, what we are finding is that time and time again talent, or lack of it, is the single biggest barrier stopping these objectives being achieved.

While digitisation relies on the likes of Big Data, mobile, and the cloud businesses also need to recognise that technology is only the beginning of their digitisation journey. In order to fully take advantage of the opportunities presented by digitisation, businesses need to invest in the talent to support these functions. With so many businesses now embarking on their digital strategy the IT landscape from a recruiter point of view is a fierce one, and businesses need to adopt a robust talent strategy if they want to have any chance of competing.”

The call from Crimson comes as one of its customers, electronics distributor RS Components, has implemented its digital strategy to great success. Working alongside Crimson, RS Components adopted a clear digital strategy to engage technology-savvy consumers; and as a result has reported a growth in eCommerce sales of 20% over six years.

As part of its commitment to help businesses considering embarking of their digital transformation, Crimson will be hosting its annual Innovation Conference, where the company will be inviting businesses to learn more about the digital transformation journeys of RS Components, BAE Systems, Severn Trent, amongst other well-known brands.

This is the second annual event from Crimson, following the success of last year’s Innovation Conference which featured speakers from Virgin Galactic, Microsoft and MetroBank. This year’s Crimson Innovation Conference takes place on 15th March 2016, at The Vox Centre, Birmingham.

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