IT firm shows businesses how to return employees to work safely with new technology

Mark Britton News

A Microsoft specialist IT consultancy has rapidly developed a bespoke app that enables businesses to safely bring employees back to an office environment as the economy continues its recovery from the lockdown period.

Crimson, which is headquartered in Birmingham, has developed a new desk booking app using the Microsoft stack of technologies. The app is a simple, secure and user-friendly way for employees to self-manage desk booking and check desk availability from their smartphone, tablet device or computer. It is built on Microsoft cloud technologies, which means users only require an existing Office 365 E3 licence to access the app.

Crimson has already been utilising the app to ensure its own office does not become crowded as employees return to work, and that the number of office workers are kept low enough to enable effective social distancing.

As the country, and wider world, prepares for a new normal likely to see a hybrid of home working and office presence, Crimson’s desk booking app will enable effective regulation of office capacity, putting the safety of employees first. The technology has been built using no code/low code features, which means graphical user interfaces and configuration are used to build the app, rather than traditional hand-coded computer programming. As a result, the app is easy for employers to adapt and configure according to their own specific needs.

Initial roll out of the app within Crimson has been so successful that the business is already exploring additional uses for it and is confident it can help play a role in the UK Government’s extensive track and trace programme, aimed at reducing the spread of Coronavirus.

Mark Britton, Head of Marketing at Crimson, commented: “Our new desk booking app is an effective piece of technology as it enables employers to keep a track of who is office based at all times. This means that if an employee inadvertently does arrive at the office with COVID-19 symptoms, we already have the information we need to understand who else in the business they may have been in contact with, so we can advise them to self-isolate. “Our desk booking app was created at rapid pace and is designed to be extremely user friendly so that employers and organisations can tailor it according to their individual needs. It is already helping us to bring employees back to work safely as we restart previously paused projects as part of the country’s COVID recovery.”