Crimson provides intelligent data solutions to higher education institutions to compare student satisfaction scores across departments, student groups, and with other universities. Make the most of the easily accessible data to improve student attrition rates and overall attraction.

Extract usable insight from your NSS data

The NSS data is publicly accessible, but it is hard to make peer comparisons and extract usable insights. Take a deep dive into your university's results to make the most out of the free data.

Manage Legacy Applications
Integrate Disparate IT

Highlight potential causes and solutions

Taking a look at the NSS data can help universities uncover potential causes and solutions to low student satisfaction scores. This allows the university to make changes that will increase the NSS scores in the future, making the university more attractive.

Segment students to increase student satisfaction

Compare groups of students by segmenting them by course type, department, background, and more to uncover ways in which to improve overall student satisfaction scores that come through the National Student Survey.

CRM as a Platform
Develop a Custom IT Solution

Compare NSS with other higher education institutions

Peer comparisons are common among universities, but they often compare entry levels, university league table rankings and the amount of applicants. Comparing NSS scores allows for more competitor analysis, and can help universities stand out from similar institutions.

“Throughout the engagement Crimson challenged how we were functioning, which has increased the appetite to expand on the Microsoft platform to make use of further growth.​”

Kevin McGuire, Business Systems Manager, University of Strathclyde

Crimson unites people, processes and technology to solve higher education’s toughest business problems. We specialise in particular around intelligent customer experiences, business process optimisation and actionable data insights.

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