What’s on the minds of tech leaders? Take part in the world’s largest tech leadership study

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If digital or technology is an important part of your role, we’d love you to take part in our parent company’s study – the Nash Squared Digital Leadership Report. The study, now in its 24th year and in collaboration with CIONET, is the world’s largest and longest running report on the business of technology and digital leadership, and everything that …


Harvey Nash Group pledge to use renewable energy in European offices by 2023 on the way to achieve Net Zero

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Harvey Nash Group, the leading global provider of talent and technology solutions, publish their Sustainability Report on February 9th, which includes details of how they will achieve Net Zero by 2050. The first steps on the journey to Net Zero will be to make sure European offices are powered by renewable energy by 2023, a 50 per cent reduction in …

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Growth in UK tech threatened as skills crisis reaches all-time high, finds world’s largest digital leadership survey

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Crisis worsens as workers re-assess their priorities or leave for more money Shortage in cyber security professionals highest ever – jumping by more than a third this year Number of women working in tech continues to rise at a snail’s pace 6 in 10 digital leaders report a decrease in the mental wellbeing of their tech teams Climate Change – …


Harvey Nash Group launches Inclusion Passport to further support its 2,500 employees

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As part of its drive to create an environment where diversity, equality and inclusion is an integral part of its culture, Harvey Nash Group has launched its Inclusion Passport to provide further support to its 2,500 employees. The Inclusion Passport is designed for employees who may need reasonable adjustments in the workplace due to a health condition, disability or another …

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Black Lives Matter: Message from the Harvey Nash Group CEO

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Today marks Blackout Tuesday, an opportunity, following the horrific death of George Floyd in the U.S., to pause and think about the world around us. To recognise how racism still exists, and how far we still need to travel to make our world a fairer, more inclusive place. For over a decade, Harvey Nash Group has avidly supported and promoted …